Second place at PEGASUS student conference for Johannes Berger

April 21, 2021

The Aerospace Engineering student Johannes Berger from the University of Stuttgart made second place at the 2021 PEGASUS Student Conference. Johannes Berger wrote a scientific paper on the results of his master thesis and presented his work in a twenty-minute presentation. In his paper, Scaling of an Aviation Hydrogen Micromix Injector Design for Industrial GT Combustion Applications, he discusses the role of hydrogen for the decarbonization of industrial gas turbines. He demonstrates the results of a technology transfer from combustion chambers developed for aero-engines to a stationary gas turbine. His paper presents a parameter study for improving the negative scaling effects on NOx emissions. Mr Berger’s paper was written in cooperation with Stuttgart’s Institute of Combustion Technology for Aerospace Engineering (IVLR), Cranfield University's Centre for Propulsion Engineering, and the EU-funded project ENABLEH2, which is coordinated at Cranfield University. Mr Berger’s paper and presentation placed second among the submissions of 22 aerospace engineering students from all over Europe. We congratulate him!

PEGASUS is a network of the leading European aerospace universities. The University of Stuttgart is a founding member. Every year, a different member university hosts the PEGASUS students conference, at which selected master students compete for the best paper award. The main event is the presentation of the selected students in front of students and judges, which was held online this year. The papers and presentation were judged each by four professors from the PEGASUS network.

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