Team FARGO wins award at the International Astronautical Congress

October 10, 2023

The FARGO project of the Student Small Satellites Association of the University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.) received the Hans von Muldau Award for the best student team.
[Picture: KSat e.V.]

As part of the International Astronautical Congress, which is the largest space conference in the world, the FARGO (Ferrofluid Application Research Goes Orbital) team submitted a promising abstract for the student team competition. In the final, teams from ten different countries presented projects ranging from rover development to experiments on sounding rockets. Team FARGO not only impressed with the technical and scientific achievements of their ISS experiment but also received recognition for their outstanding public relations efforts and the diversity of skills and composition of the team.

The FARGO project of the Small Satellite Student Society University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.) has successfully tested three innovative mechanisms on the International Space Station. The research aims to replace wear-prone mechanics with advanced technologies based on ferrofluids and magnetic fields, with the use of ferrofluids as a key technology for wear-free solutions.
The team was successful in the "Überflieger 2" competition organized by the space agency with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), granting them the opportunity of experiment operation on the ISS. The team received support from the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart as well as advise and support on ISS experiment developed by yuri GmbH.

Bahar Karahan (right), Denis Acker (center), Manfred Ehresmann (left) at the IAC 2023 award ceremony.

Bahar Karahan, the presenter in the final of the competition, commented on the success: "It was a great recognition of our hard work and careful preparation when we learned of our success in the student team competition. We can be very proud of our team." Manfred Ehresmann, the supervisor of the project, expressed satisfaction with the recognition: "We are very proud that Team FARGO has received the Hans von Muldau Award. Without the strong team behind the project, we would never have come this far. The recognition from the IAF is thus a special honor for us."

The award of the Hans von Muldau Prize by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) honors the student team behind the FARGO Project as the best student team project of the year 2023. The paper is available here.


Bahar Karahan
Student Team Competition Finalist

Manfred Ehresmann
Project Supervisor and Initiator
Tel: +49 711 685 69599

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